More Doc Monthly – July 266

I am continuing to archive the More Doc Monthly for Last Hope LARP and have been since the inception of the clever and fun In Character Broadsheet began publication. I’m proud to present the July 2017 edition, hot off the presses after its game day debut! Issue #27 for July 266

Suggested Reading: Not a Soccer Mom

I deeply urge every LARPer to read LüSa OrganicsNot a Soccer Mom article on her blog. It discusses her experience being a LARP Mom. It’s beautifully written and shows how much joy comes to a family when they find inspiration and a way to play together.

We laughed and discussed how LARPing is a whole new level of motherhood as well. I think as parents we step up expecting music lessons or organized sports, dance class or martial arts. But not this. Not swords and chainmail and role play.

But as parents we go with the flow. We help our kids find what they love; then we stand on the sidelines (or beside them at the battering ram, as the case may be) and wildly cheer them on. 

Go forth and read!

Event: May 3 Day 2015, Letter to Clypeum

Normally I write something longer about events, but because I’ve been pressed for time and I had promised in character to write a letter to another character detailing the happenings of the final day, I present here a (slightly redacted) version of the Letter from Reyna Longfang to Clypeum Legis. Characters are a part of Last Hope LARP. Clypeum Legis As you have asked, I am writing to you with an account of what has come to pass in the hunt for the artifact, but first I must open with a plea to action for you and the Ranger’s of … Continue Reading…

Applied Role Play: Making Your Own Fun

Blogger’s Note: After the ICA=ICC post that I wrote a while back I got a blog idea from a person who asked to remain Anonymous. They asked if I wanted blog ideas, and I told them “yes”. It ultimately turned into them writing the story relating to the topic they believed should be talked about: Making your own fun in game. I’ve decided to take this concept, illustrating an idea through telling an in character story or two, and cover it under a heading called “Applied Role Play”. If you feel like you have an Applied Role Play story that … Continue Reading…

Project: Onsallas Outpost Laws Calligraphy

Since coordinating the editing of the upcoming Guest post by a super-awesome incognito guest blogger has proved harder than originally anticipated, I figured I would share a quick project I’m working on for Last Hope Larp. It was decided fairly recently that Pack Longfang would implement a set of laws for Onsallas Outpost and Longfang Territory.

They were discussed with a small committee of Pack Members, then I wrote a draft. From there they were subjected to a discussion by the full Pack (and a few changes were made, and the relationships between the various clauses were tested, in between a few jokes). By this point I already have a mental vision for how to display them. In accordance, I’m the one who ended up spending three and a half hours hand writing the entire thing in Chancery Hand calligraphy.

The fact that it’s my first calligraphy project does show, but on the whole, I think the imperfections add to the job suiting itself to being on Longfang territory. The final mounting and finishing will accomplish the rest of the look (it’s going to be pretty rustic looking when it’s finished, but be more readable than posting it on leather or fabric, and be a longer lasting piece all told). I’ll post about it again once the project is finished (I plan to debut the prop at the May 3 day event that is upcoming.

Quick update for 16 April 2015

I realized that I should give some sort of heads up about what’s up with me this week. I’m preparing for an event on the 18th! It’s an Ulven based Political dinner and I’m pretty excited, as the location is at Devil’s Lake State Park (which is completely lovely). I was planning to start with some sort of regular Monday based update thing after the last article, but I realize that when I’m planning to go to an event, I might have to declare it a “by” week…

Surviving LARP – Actions, Consequences, and Choices

I’ve RPed online for many years. In fact, since I was in my teens. I then branched into tabletop and eventually LARP. Because of this I have nearly 2 decades of experience figuring out the consequences of actions. Time and time again in Role Play I’ve been astounded by the lack of thought people have towards reaction to the actions they take, and the indignation some people experience when a negative consequence comes as a direct response to actions they’ve taken. That’s why I’m writing this. We’re going to discuss the choices you make, the actions you take, and the … Continue Reading…

Places to Shop: SKS Bottle & Packaging

Disclaimer: I’ve never bought these products, however this site has been floating around my “Places to Buy From” list for awhile. I fully intend someday to make an Alchemist of Reyna. Or maybe an Herbalist. Or maybe both. Only time shall tell. But this place represents some the best prices on some of the products needed for such things.


I have long wanted to shop here specifically because they offer nice deals on Glass Vial’s with Corks. It should be noted that they do require you to buy entire packages, but I can’t think of a LARPer planning an Alchemist who would thing of that as an issue. They also have Larger square bottles with Corks, Boston Rounds with Corks, “Woozy” (beer) bottles with corks, Tall Cylinders with corks, Completely adorable corked honey bottles, and fancy booze style bottles you can get both with regular corks, wood topped corks, or wooden stoppers.

Yes. the case rule is a deterrent with some of the larger ones, though there’s always the option of either selling the extras, or teaming up with a friend or two three when you’re ready to order. If I come across a place without full case requirements I will give them this sort of coverage.


I just received an order of 3 pairs of Winnigas (Viking leg wraps) from Micheleshats Shop on Etsy. Absolutely love the quality of the fabric and am looking forward to trying them on, as they’re a bit longer than the pair I already have.