More Doc Monthly – July 266

I am continuing to archive the More Doc Monthly for Last Hope LARP and have been since the inception of the clever and fun In Character Broadsheet began publication. I’m proud to present the July 2017 edition, hot off the presses after its game day debut! Issue #27 for July 266

Event: May 3 Day 2015, Letter to Clypeum

Normally I write something longer about events, but because I’ve been pressed for time and I had promised in character to write a letter to another character detailing the happenings of the final day, I present here a (slightly redacted) version of the Letter from Reyna Longfang to Clypeum Legis. Characters are a part of Last Hope LARP. Clypeum Legis As you have asked, I am writing to you with an account of what has come to pass in the hunt for the artifact, but first I must open with a plea to action for you and the Ranger’s of … Continue Reading…