Event: May 3 Day 2015, Letter to Clypeum

Normally I write something longer about events, but because I’ve been pressed for time and I had promised in character to write a letter to another character detailing the happenings of the final day, I present here a (slightly redacted) version of the Letter from Reyna Longfang to Clypeum Legis. Characters are a part of Last Hope LARP.

Clypeum Legis

As you have asked, I am writing to you with an account of what has come to pass in the hunt for the artifact, but first I must open with a plea to action for you and the Ranger’s of Crow’s Landing, one that might mean a quicker end to the war.


Now I fulfill the promise that I made, and will give you full account of the events of 31st day of the 5th month.

Vazra led a group of into the forest, while Stanrick led another in an attempt to engage what mordok he could in a distraction effort. We circled around, into the deep and little traveled part of the swamp to the west, near the river. The group that went into west ultimately split up into two groups, one to watch the river, the other to look for what the artifact pointed to.

We managed to find it, but only just before Mordock descended onto our location at the river. Vazra was sent running, and the rest of us regrouped to battle the mordock and provide him a clean escape. During the battle it looked as though one fell, and it was a sad and bedraggled looking party that reunited with Vazra at the outpost.

When we opened the box it contained a story, which I will not entrust to this letter. You shall read it when next we meet, but as I do not yet completely understand the contents I must hold off with taking risks with the text. A abridged version is that is tells of Chieftain Rothnar the Righteous of Pack Wolfsbane and Chieftain Ragnar the Conqueror of Pack Glacierborne and the days in which they fought the first Honor Duel, the results of which rose up in the birth of Clan Wolfsbane. It suggests that there is a truth to be learned if we “follow the stars”.

Runeseer Reyna Longfang of Pack Longfang

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