Reyna’s Sewing Kit

As promised, pictures of the contents of Reyna’s sewing kit. I just sort of dumped it out and snapped the first one. Which turned out to be a pretty nice photograph. The bag itself is knitted using the linen stitch, which you can google as you please to learn how to do it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think this knitting stitch looks much better for medieval applications than regular knit and purl lines, or crochet. The little balls of thread are simply embroidery floss in multiple colors, picked partially at random and partially using … Continue Reading…

Reyna’s Belt Pouch

After a great deal of knitting and some patience, I’d like to present the belt pouches I’ve made. They’re both of worsted weight yarn, ordinary red heart stuff. Both use the Linen stitch, though, which I think looks nice and medieval. The small white one has already been equipped with a small sewing kit, which I’ll show off in a later post when I’m less in a hurry (I have pants to make for Paul yet).