Ulven Tarot

This started as a conversation between myself, Paul Peterson, Bobbyjo Nitzel, Wiley Allard and Jake Nitzel. It is not currently accepted canon for Last Hope, but I’d like to think that once it’s done, it will be.

The Suits

Actual Tarot Ulven Tarot
Swords Fangs
Wands Claws
Coins Tokens
Cups Bowls


The Minor Arcana / Court

Actual Tarot Ulven Tarot
King Chieftain
Queen Witch
Knight Warrior
Page Hunter


The Major Arcana

Actual Tarot Ulven Tarot
The Emperor The Great Wolf
The Empress Gaia
The Lovers The Mates
The Devil The (Great Wolf’s) Maw
Justice Honor
The Sun Sol, the Sun Horse
The Moon Luna, the Moon Horse
The Fool The Pup
The Hermit The Elder
The High Priestess The High Priestess
The Magician The Oathbreaker
Wheel of Fortune The Tides of War
The Star Mana
Judgement The Great Journey
The Hanged Man The Truth Seeker
The Chariot The Champion
The Tower The (Great Wolf’s) Laugh
Strength Strength
The World The Territories
The Heirophant The Daughter of Gaia
Temperance Discipline
Death The Pyre


Card Meanings

The Major Arcana

Overall – Major Arcana can represent people related to the concepts of the card.
Faces – Some cards are part of a ying-yang type pair and sit opposite of each other. These are notes in the style of “Faces X”.

Card:  Meaning
The Great Wolf :
Representation of the structured world. Creation. Imposition of the rules. Order from Chaos. Living as part of society. World-wise. The ruling of emotions and desires. Father-figures.
(Faces Gaia)
Gaia : Abundance of life in all forms. Creation. Fertility/Motherhood. Unconditional love. Stillness & stagnation. Security. Power & guidance through love. Growth. Mother-figures.
(Faces The Great Wolf)
The Mates : Love. Sexuality. Necessity of proper choice. Blazing passions. Destruction. Emotions. Creation. Trust in another. Ethical choice. Through combination, wisdom. A trusted figure.
The Maw : Expression of negative personality elements. Destruction through lack of discipline. Corruption of creative powers. Breaking free. Oppression. The darkness within.
Honor : The immutable laws of the universe. Laws beyond violation. Punishment for those have wronged. Reward for those who have done good. Reaping what you have sown. The being who judges.
Sol :
Clarity. Subtle power. Completion of a task. End of a cycle. An honest figure.
(Faces Luna, The Moon Horse)
Luna :
Hidden things. Dreaming. Imagination out of control. A figure who is not what they seem.
(Faces Sol, The Sun Horse)
The Pup :
New beginnings. New Experience. New Choices. The start of the tale. Looking ahead without answers. Challenges. Ill considered actions. The figure who points the way, for good or ill.
(Faces the Elder)
The Elder :
Self-understanding. Problems that can wait. A need for inner work. Transformation of spirit. Change through commitment and effort. A mentor figure.
(Faces the Pup)
The High Priestess : The Great Mysteries. Unlimited potential. Inward focus of power for self-transformation. Visions and the Inner Voice. One’s private, shadow self. A Guide Figure.
(Faces the The Oathbreaker)
The Oathbreaker : Wielding influence. Outward focus of power for world-transformation. Destruction and Redemption through the forces of Creation and Destruction. Danger of Overconfidence. An influential figure.
(Faces the High Priestess)

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