Reyna’s Events – 2014

February 2014

Political & War Planning Dinner

8 February 2014 – Reyna traveled from Spiritclaw to Nightriver Territory to accompany Stanrick and Selena (joined by a Hunter named Torvald Ravenflight) to the meeting of the Clan Delegates and speakers for various Human and Syndar groups to discuss the ongoing conflict. Some headway was made, but the far reaching effects of the talks are yet to be seen. READ MORE

April 2014

Ulven Spring Celebration

12 April 2014 – The group traveled in the company of a Lorespeaker, a group of Pheonix Syndar, various rangers, disreputable pirates, and a detachment of William’s Vandergon soldiers through Nightriver territory. READ MORE

May 2014

Onsallas Outpost 3 Day Event

23-25 May 2014 – Onsallas Outpost only seems to host guests during full-blown disasters. This weekend was no exception. FULL STORY PENDING

June 2014

Onsallas Outpost

28 June 2014 – Description Soon. FULL STORY PENDING

October 2014

Onsallas Outpost

25 October 2014 – Stanrick becomes chief & some other stuff. FULL STORY PENDING

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