Trim Test: 14ct Fabric

longfangtrimtestSo far, the only definitive things that have been learned is that 14 count fabric works poorly and it would look much nicer using a colored fabric rather than trying to 2 color (though that second one might change with a better fabric count… so maybe that second one isn’t as definitive as I’m pretending).

The testing is at least underway now, and sooner rather than later I’ll be able to figure out the details of what’s up with the projects and what it’ll take to really start creating usable trim. And maybe I’ll be able to find instructions for how to set the cloth up in such a way that the ends can be made more finished without fraying. So far I’m failing at that. But I do have some spare fabric to play with, and should be able to run a few tests to work out how best to flip under and finish the ends. I suspect a nice effect can be had by simply folding the edges and sewing through 2 layers on the turning rows on the outside edges. Hopefully the next section will be a nicer result, with cleaner edges and in the proper fabric count so the gaps go away.

Semi-final Longfang Trim Embroidery Pattern

LongfangBorderI think the trim is done, though I can’t finalize the pattern as of yet. I need to get materials and test, of course, before I finalize the template for use and post instructions and finished examples. If you use this pattern on your own (it’s intended for the Pattern darning stitch) I’d love to see your work, and have you tell me how it worked out. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get a test piece underway prior to Christmas…