The More Doc Monthly

The More Doc Monthly is an In Character Tabloid Sheet that is managed and written by Tyler of Last Hope Larp.

Volume 2

  • Apr 266 – Issue 24
    Riot at Starkhaven, New Town Baile Onoir, The Fun Line, Furred Serpent, Beware the Ulven MalePhoenix are Hedonists
  • Mar 266 – Issue 23
    Hopping Tortoise Sighting, Reyna Longing is a Siren, What Mordok do with Daughters of Gaia, Man-Wolf of the Pass, & Scandal at the Spire
  • Feb 266 – Issue 22
    Shipwreak Survival, Baron Richards = Red Eyed Syndar?, Broken Blade = Bird People, & Rangers are Cannibals.
  • Jul 266 – Issue 27
    Al Mo’alej the Untouchable, Star Crossed Lovers of Broken Blade, Clan Riverhead Incest, IDing Necromancers and Undead, & How to be above the fun line