Stanrick Longfang

About Stanrick Longfang, Jake’s Character

Played by: Jake Nitzel
Name: Stanrick Longfang
Gender: Male
Birth Year: Summer 224
 Age: 38 [2014]
 Race: Ulven
 Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Warrior of Pack Longfang
Known Skills: Poison Resist
Armor Prof
Shield Prof
True Grit
Improved Toughness
Improved Armor
First Aid
Improved First Aid
Lore: Ulven
(0+0) 0
(0+1) 1
(5+2) 7
(5+3) 8
(0+4) 4
(0+5) 5
(5+6) 11
(0+7) 7
(10+8) 18
(5+9) 14
(10+5+10) 25 (0+11) 11
Spent: 111xp
Earned XP: SOON Soon            
Earned: 140xp
Birthplace: Onsallas Village, Longfang Territory, Mardrun
Recent Location: [Apr’14] The road & a Feasthall in Nightriver Territory, Mardrun not far from the Hackles
Immediately After: The road back home to Onsallas Village, Longfang Territory, Mardrun
Appearance: Commonly seen with black leather armor with fur, Scars on his chest and arms that he tries to keep covered. Has a brown goatee.
Notable Traits :
 Biography: Stanrick was born in the village of Onsallas to Yoreden, and Dennagrath Longfang. He is the oldest of her 7 children and at the age of 5 he was killing mordok with little help from his father, he earned a reputation for being the “Clever Longfang” when he figured out how to burn down a section of swamp. Since then he had all ways took a few moments to think outside the box. This type of thinking saved his life and others time and time again. At 9 he started his training to be a hunter for the pack and had great skill, but his younger brother Ranmir out classed his skills with a bow. After much thought on the subject he decided that a warrior might be his calling he trained long and hard and found his place in the pack. He found a mate, Mina, who bore him a daughter, Siren. The Colonist came from across the Sea and Stanrick with the other warriors of pack Longfang went to fight. Only Stanrick and his cousin Harlok returned to Onsallas. Stanrick became the quartermaster of the outpost and was put to the task of training the new hunters and warriors, a task he was well suited to giving his skills as both a hunter and warrior.Stanrick is unique when it comes to Longfang warriors, he is just as likely to talk to you about a problem he has, as he would draw his sword. He has no fear of any one based on size. He fights and trains like the Longfang warrior he is but also keeps his hunter skills up so he has something to fall back on if need be. If he can avoid a conflict he will but will gladly rid Gaia’s earth of you and send you to the Great Wolf if need be.Stanrick family grows smaller every day, and only Yawn remains of his brothers and sisters. He is fond of his little brother and belives that yawns casting is a gift from Gaia, even if his brother is lost on the path. Siren is the only one of his children who got her fangs. His son die on a hunting raid in the swamp and his other daughter died of an illness at the age of 4. He lost 2 more mates over time one to mordok the other in childbirth. But he still lived his dreams that he had as a child now haunted him more and more and he feared that all the deeds he had done would be forgotten and he would not have the glory of dieing in battle. But times were changing at 36 he once again meet with humans and syndar, but this time not in battle but rather in peace. A group of adventures had come to the outpost and soon had proven themselves to be honorable. They helped save the outpost and village from other humans and mordok. From that day forward he realized he could call some friend.
Mate: Selena Stargazer
: Siren Longfang, Unborn Pup out of Selena
Brothers: Yawn Longfang
Cousins: Reyna Longfang, Harlok Longfang, Rill Longfang
Great-aunt: Solvig Longfang
Opinions: Pirates: Amusing, but not to be trusted.
Syndar: For a lesser race they should know their place.
Humans: Children. Waiting for the marks.
William: Ulven who lost fangs.
The Bastards: Drunk Bastards.
Rumors: At first when you meet him he is grumpy a fact he won’t deny, but get him in the right mood and he will tell you a good story.For someone who lost his first mate to humans and syndars he sure flirts with the females a lot.


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