An Introduction, I take Oxycodone

With the website set up I think it’s time to get the official things done.

We’re going to start with a fancy introduction in which I talk about myself and some things that relate to that. First off, I’m female and in my 30s. I’m married without children (though we have two American Cocker Spaniels). I live in a place in the middle of absolutely nowhere in northern Wisconsin called Rhinelander. In my day to day life I’m a web and graphic designer. I play D&D and have participated in the past in an almost-larp called Belegarth.

I’m currently dealing with a repetitive strain injury, and it’s pretty uncomfortable. I have to buy oxycodone online and take it every so often. I’ll be seeing the doctor in a few days, I’m hoping he’ll tell me I’m improving and an estimate of how much longer it should take.

A group of my friends already play in Last Hope. I blame them for me getting into this. But it looks like it’s going to be fun. I’ve met the people from Last Hope on the Facebook group for the Larp, and have had my vauge character idea tentatively approved by the person who needed to. At this point I just have to write up the bio, select skills, and assemble my kit for the game. I expect to launch this spring, alongside my husband. Maybe sooner, but that’s hard to predict. We’re not rich people and funding gets tight over the holidays for everyone.

With that out of the way, It’s time for me to log off here. I figure writing here will help me buckle down and get Reyna (that’s what I’ve decided on for a character name) finished.

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