Reyna Garb Shopping List

This is my initial garb shopping list for the Reyna character, one that I will potentially be making additional versions of later.


  • Dress (5-6ish yards of fabric, buttons, zippers, thread, etc) Done, ATM. Didn’t use the pattern I’d planned, though. Used a different one that’s more viking.
  • Overdress (3-4ish yards of fabric, Notions, etc) Doneish, again. I did a corset and scarf for a skirt, but it worked.
  • Head-cloth (to match overdress. Make it out of that stuff) Done.
  • Cloak (Not sure yet how I’m going to make this for sure… Maybe GoT style?)
  • Pants (Not sure how much fabric, as I’m not sure what pattern I’ll use)


  • “Bandages” (A few yards of natural linen type fabric)
  • “Healer’s Bag” (Canvas or Leather with a shoulder strap. Probobly with some durable but interesting totem type decorations)
  • “Spell Bag” (Canvas or Leather, belt mounted. Similarly decorated to Healer’s Bag)


  • Short Sword (TBD exactly what it’ll look like…)
  • Frog or Scabbard (Maybe make out of leather or canvas to match spell & healer’s bags?)
  • Bracers (Maybe the cool looking archer ones Paul found?)


It’s a vague list, isn’t it? It needs more work. It really does. Maybe we’ll do another draft later, or at least come back and edit this one as I get things sorted out. I’ll be sure to keep things moving, that’s for sure.

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